High Standard Painting and Decorating

With experience of over 10 years in the field you can rely on us to provide the best quality and a perfect look for any decorating project, whether it is in a private house or a commercial warehouse.  We take pride in our work and our aim is to deliver the best finish with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, while all furniture, fixtures and surfaces are protected at all times.  You can also count on the best advice on all aspects of painting and decorating.  Our highly skilled painters take care of the whole painting process, which includes the initial repair and preparation of all surfaces, product selection and the final paint finish.

We take care to ensure your satisfaction by choosing only the highest quality materials and paying attention to details.

Whether you wish to increase your house value, add a new fresh look to your property, or just mask the daily wear and tear, we can help you achieve it with minimum hassle and leaving your place immaculate.

  • Residential painting decorating.
  • Commercial painting and decorating
  • Spraying

Achieve a smooth, uniform and quick finish by spray painting surfaces that are either vast or have intricate details.  Spray painting can be used on walls, plaster ornaments, ceilings or furniture.  Our skilled painters carefully protect areas and items that are not to be painted and meticulously prepare work surfaces before spraying.

Our modern air-powered units allow fine work with a variety of finishes, as they create a fine mist that can be deposited evenly in a required area.

Spraying offers speed and efficiency, uniform appearance with a single application and an ample choice of surface material that can be painted on.

  • Plumbing
  • Wallpaper hanging

As DS-CONTRACTORS we provide professional wallpaper hanging specialists who ensure only the first quality service.  Our highly skilled tradesmen guarantee smooth surfaces after the initial preparation and make sure that wallpaper is hung straight, with perfect pattern match and no blemishes.  We offer advice on different types of wallpaper and help our clients choose the right kind for their projects, including bespoke or boutique wallpapers.

  • French polishing.

DS CONTRACTORS offers both French polishing and - for more robust finish - lacquer finishing, in private houses, commercial property, historic churches or houses.

French polishing is one of the most beautiful ways to finish highly figured wood with high gloss and depth of colour, but one has to remember that it is also quite delicate and prone to damage by water or alcohol. It consists of many layers of shellac and our craftsmen meticulously apply French polish to hardwood doors, handrails and furniture.  DS Contractors also offer advice on the most appropriate products to use and the level of sheen needed for a specific piece.   French polishing has its own unique and distinguished feel and is easier to repair than lacquered surfaces, as it can be blended into an existing finish. Should a client require polish renovation, our specialist team advises, if a complete re-stripping and re-polishing is required.

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