Loft Conversions

Hassle-free loft transformation

Both, residential homeowners and landlords can maximise their usablespace with the help of loft conversions and extensions.   Storagespace is useful, but living space is priceless and opening up yourloft can transform yourproperty and give you the extra space you need.

Not only can DS Contractors open up underused spaces, but alsodecorate them and undertake any specialist carpentry work required.For example, customised built-in storage solutions.

At DS Contractors, we have undertaken various types of loftconversions and have never failed to deliver excellent results; thisincludes converting lofts into bedrooms, games rooms and much more. We will carry out our services, taking care of the full process fromstart to finish.  Take a look at our previous projects toget an idea of what we can offer.

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